Mindfulness = Paying attention on purpose

5 Feb

Are you any good at being mindful?  I find it really hard  but the attached web site definition of mindfulness helps explain it in a way that made it easier for me.

Wild Mind is a great name for a web site!  Being mindful around food and eating is a really helpful way of managing overeating and any disturbing obsessions  around food.   Its a way of changing your relationship with food and using it how its meant to be used.  To be enjoyed, savoured, respected and to fill us up because we are hungry and its a lovely thing to do. It also helps you notice when you are full and have had enough!!  Imagine that!!

So much of what we do is mindless, including eating.  Eating at our desks, in front of the telly, scoffing on the run, talking laughing drinking while we mindlessly eat whatever is in front of us.  After its all over, we then slip into oh my god, I had 5 slices of pizza and cake.  Gasp I will have to get to the gym in the morning, starve myself tomorrow, cancel dinner tomorrow night  guilt shame beat myself up.

Try this exercise!  Choose something to eat.  Anything, something you love, something you don’t like much, something you believe is good for you anything will do.  Sit quietly and slowly smell it, inspect it and generally get acquainted with the shape, texture etc.  Now close your eyes and pop it into you mouth.  Move it around and then bite into it.  Notice the flavour,  notice how you feel, is it nice, do you feel anxious, are frustrated because all you want to do is chew and swallow.  Whatever the experience you are eating mindfully.

You are paying attention on purpose!  This is the first step to mindful eating.  I am not suggesting this very controlled exercise is how you should eat for ever more.  However,  give it some thought, raise your awareness around taste, flavour and notice how it feels.  To start with, try it a few times and see how you go.

I would love to hear about your experiences.

Bye for now




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